Count on DPC experts to make sure your company's ERP meets legal obligations

With the government agencies adopting electronic means to comply with tax obligations, it is crucial that companies use reliable and accurate systems in order to minimize risks and become more competitive.

DPC offers consulting services in system setup aiming to provide to the companies the required support mainly on their management systems setup based on the normative acts and regulatory requirements.

Accounting and tax systems setup

Regardless the ERP the client adopts, DPC’s specialists identify the company’s operation and provide detailed survey of regulatory requirements to perform the appropriate and accurate setup of the system.

The client may contract adjustments and updates according to the company’s needs or according to the changes in the tax legislation. Thus, the company has the safety and tranquility to operate with an ERP in compliance with legal rules.

In order to provide even more safety and tranquility to client, DPC performs tax mapping, scenarios testing and validation, and assisted operation that monitors the use of the system by the company’s employees. DPC also offers an audit of the generated files to meet the ancillary obligations and technical training to users.

SPED Consulting: setup and updates

DPC provides consulting and technical advice in the systemic implementation,
regarding the following SPED requirements:

  • ECD (Digital Accounting Bookkeeping).
  • EFD - ICMS/IPI (Digital Tax Bookkeeping - ICMS/IPI).
  • NF-e (Electronic Invoice) and other electronic tax documents, such as CT-e, NFC-e, NFS-e, etc.
  • EFD - Contribuições (Bookkeeping of PIS / PASEP and Cofins contribution).
  • ECF (Accounting Tax and Bookkeeping).
  • eSocial (Provision of information concerning bookkeeping of tax, Social Security and Labor obligations).
  • EFD-REINF (Digital Tax Bookkeeping of Withholdings and Other Tax Information).


Taxes experts constantly up-to-date on the legislation.



In compliance with legal standards, minimizing risks.



Support throughout the project, from setup, testing and validation until the assisted operation.

Check how DPC Systems Setup Consulting services
may help your company:

  • Consultancy in deployment of requirements in accounting/taxes/DP areas.
  • Assistance in the deployment and adjustment of ERP systems with accounting and taxes setup.
  • Support services in setup, testing, and validation of scenarios.
  • Audit of files generated to meet ancillary obligations.
  • Development of customized reports and spreadsheets requested by clients for optimization / automation of processes.
  • Assisted operation.
  • Technical Training and Advisory.

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