2022 Income Tax Return: what to do in case of tax audits, rectifications and late submissions? 

<h1>2022 Income Tax: what to do in case of tax audits, rectifications and late submissions?</h1> <br /> <p>The 2022 Income Tax season has come to an […]

Automated spreadsheet: dashboards gather data from multiple sources in just one click

Created from an automated spreadsheet, dashboards bring clear and accurate information to business management

Statute implements Electronic System for Public Records (Serp) and modernizes notary services  

The system connects the databases of different notaries public and allows documents, deeds and certificates to be submitted digitally and in a centralized manner, simplifying the procedures for legal acts and transactions. 

Strategic tax management: best practices help ensure competitiveness

From time to time, companies should reevaluate their tax behavior and look for tax-related opportunities.

Statute reduces ICMS-tax cap on fuels, electricity, natural gas, telecommunications, and public transport 

The law now includes under essential goods and services those relating to fuel, electricity, natural gas, communications, and public transportation.

DPC internship program opens for applications 

Thirty internship positions are available for university students in Rio and São Paulo.

Debt Settlement: Statute expands possibilities for Federal Debt renegotiation 

It is up to the National Treasury Attorney-General's Office (PGFN) and the Federal Revenue Service to implement the new regulations by issuing their own acts. 

Electronic time and attendance and labor laws: clear up your doubts

In line with the labor rules, electronic time and attendance allows for a smart management of working hours.

Setting up a company in Brazil: steps and points of consideration for foreign investors

An investor’s early decisions impact the tax burden and the profitability of the new business.

Bacen: Census on Foreign Capitals in Brazil must be submitted between July 1 and August 15

Reports must be filed by legal entities and investment funds that have foreign participation in the equity composition or that received investment from non-residents.
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