Organization and archival methodology applied in the management of documents, always respecting the documentary timeliness table

The management of documents service provide solutions concerning the organization of physical archives, document storage, administration of accumulated information and space optimization.

Among other companies that provide documentary management services, DPC stands out for its extensive experience in supporting medium and large companies with big volume of information. The expertise in tax legislation permits DPC to be updated on the legal requirements and deadlines for archiving documents.

Management of Documents and Timeliness Table

DPC Division that provide such service has a trained team to classify and analyze each document, understanding its importance for the organization and the terms established in the document timeliness table.

Timeliness table is an archival management tool prepared together with client, in which storage deadlines are defined by law, also its final destination. It is a key instrument in the management of documents.






Documents in a secure environment, with restricted access.



Agility to query files and information.

Check how DPC Management of Documents service may help your company:

  • Documentary diagnosis

    It is related to the study and previous analysis of files, aiming to collect information to implement an archiving project. Only by a documentary diagnosis, we can evaluate the numerous crucial elements to develop an accurate archiving project.

  • Documentary arrangement

    Filing of documents according to a classification plan established at the beginning of the documentary management work.

  • Documents Indexation

    Keywords or descriptors are linked to each document that enable the quick location of information or document.

  • Research Instrument

    Research Instrument is a mechanism that allows identification, location or query information and documents quickly and objectively.

  • Disposal of documents

    Identification of documents with no permanent value that already expired the storage term established in the Timeliness Table, and may be discarded by the client.


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