Intelligent and preventive tax planning to find safe new ways

DPC’s Tax Consulting division offers advisory to companies on its tax planning aiming to mitigate the tax burden, minimizing risks of tax liabilities.

Efficient tax management

With experience in Brazilian tax laws and rules, DPCexperts provide tailored tax advice, analyzing each case, each context and the company’s business strategy in order to offer viable and efficient solutions and in compliance with current legislation.



Skilled Professionals in the complex Brazilian tax legislation, along with in particularities of each segment.



In accordance with legal regulations, avoiding penalties.


Security and Tranquility

The certainty of having an efficient tax consulting.

Tax Consulting in Compliance with current legislation

Beyond tax planning, DPC’s tax consulting services are intended to verify whether the procedures adopted by companies are in line with the current tax legislation, involving the following analysis:

  • State and Municipal Tax advice and consulting and its other possible developments, focusing on the day-by-day business operations and / or tax planning for new operations / activities, in order to indicate the best practices and in compliance with current legislation.
  • Review of adopted tax regime for calculation of Corporate Income Tax (Imposto sobre a Renda da Pessoa Jurídica - “IRPJ”), Social Contribution on Net Income (Contribuição Social sobre o Lucro Líquido - “CSLL”) and Social Integration Program (Programa de Integração Social - “PIS”) contributions and Contribution for Social Security Financing (Contribuição para o Financiamento da Seguridade Social - "COFINS"); providing options, if appropriate, of the best taxation model.
  • Validation of IRPJ, CSLL, PIS and COFINS tax bases, even for revenue recognition regime and the criteria used for the deductibility of expenses.
  • Evaluation of tax credits applied and allowed in the calculation of contributions of PIS and COFINS.
  • Validation of taxation on remittances to abroad based on services hiring.
  • Identification of operations overseas with companies in the same economic group and at Tax Havens for the purpose of transfer price and thin capitalization calculation rules.
  • Analysis and crosschecking of information reported at the ancillary obligations (ECD, FCONT, DIRF, DIPJ, DCTF, and EFD Contributions).
  • Assistance to attend tax inspections before the municipal, state and federal agencies.

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