Accounting requires special attention and a staff that is always up to date with the latest legislative changes, applying the regulations and accounting standards more commonly adopted, with the use of supporting documents, while bearing the Company's operations in mind.

At Domingues e Pinho Contadores, your company will find experienced professionals well-versed in a myriad of business sectors, who take a careful look at the particularities of each segment, including those subject to regulatory legislation, such as oil and gas, energy, technology, shipping, reinsurance, mining, finance, and many others

A team 100% focused on understanding your company’s demands, always performing with excellence, ethics and transparency.

Full control Agility Security Accuracy

The Accounting Outsourcing department performs bookkeeping services, which include recording, organizing, reporting, assessing and monitoring changes in assets and equity stemming from the business or social activities carried out by companies during their course of business. This department also prepares Financial Statements in functional currency and converts them to other currencies, as appropriate, in accordance with local and international accounting standards (IFRS), and pursuant to legal and management requirements. It also performs the calculation of corporate taxes levied on income (IRPJ/CSLL), issuing their corresponding payment forms, with the preparation of the respective ancillary tax obligations (DCTF, ECF).


Financial Statements in different currencies, in accordance with Brazilian and international accounting standards (IFRS).


24x7 Accessibility and Data Security

Clients can count on an ERP system with tax parameters that are constantly updated to record data and view reports with agility and security.


Statements filed with regulatory agencies

Reports can be tailored to supply information to regulatory authorities and agencies for certain sectors.


Customized Management Reports

Customized reports and statements provide managers with an overview of the information they need in the decision-making process.

Check out how DPC's Accounting Outsourcing Services can help your company:

  • Preparation of Financial Statements according to local and international accounting standards.
  • Analysis of documents for accounting and tax support.
  • Bookkeeping and account analysis.
  • Accounting review.
  • Calculation of taxes on profit.
  • Accounting management reports tailor-made to the company's needs.
  • Preparation, filing and review of ancillary obligations related to taxes on income.
  • Analysis and negotiation of federal tax credits.
  • Preparation of requests for refunds, reimbursement and offsetting of federal taxes.
  • Analysis and assistance for choosing the most suitable tax scheme for the business.
  • Assistance to accounting auditors.
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