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Outsourcing Accounting Services is a solution for companies that wish to rely on skilled professionals, allowing costs savings and productivity and efficiency gains.

The accounting area requires special attention and a staff always up-to-date in the latest changes in legislation, especially in Brazil, where the tax structure is so complex.

At Domingues e Pinho Contadores, your company meets experienced experts in the most diverse economic sectors, with a careful look at all the particularities of each segment, including those subject to regulatory legislation for example, oil and gas, energy, technology, navigation, reinsurance, mining, finance, among others.

A team 100% focused on understanding the company’s demands and always acting with excellence, ethics and transparency.

Total Control Agility Safety Accuracy

DPC Accounting Outsourcing area is responsible for receiving clients’ transactions data for accounting bookkeeping, accounts analysis and reconciliation, and preparation of financial statements in different currencies, in compliance with local accounting principles and international accounting standards (US-GAAP, IFRS, and so forth), on the statutory standards, but also on a corporate management format. DPC Accountingarea also process the calculation of taxes, along with the preparation of correspondents payment slips.


Financial Statements in different currencies, in accordance with Brazilian and international accounting standards (US-GAAP, IFRS, and so forth).


Customized Management Reports

Customized reports and statements that allow company´s management get an overview of what they really need assisting on decision making.


24h accessibility and Data Security

Through remote access to a modern ERP, the client has a system up-to-date on the current tax demands, and with the ability to record data and view reports with agility and security.


Statements to regulatory agencies

Reports may be tailored to provide information required by regulatory authorities and agencies.

Check how the DPC Accounting Outsourcing Services
may help your company:

  • Preparation of Financial Statements according to local and international accounting standards.
  • SPED - ECD (Accounting Digital Bookkeeping) and ECF (Accounting-Tax Bookkeeping).
  • Analysis of document for proper accounting records, as well as the Income Tax Regulation aspects.
  • Tax and accounting review.
  • Calculation of taxes on profit.
  • Advice and consulting on corporate restructuring regarding tax obligations and ancillary declarations.
  • Reporting to agencies and regulatory authorities.
  • Tailored management reports according to company’s needs.
  • Analysis and advice on the definition of the tax regime option.
  • Tax Consulting.
  • Ancillary obligations:
  • Preparation of DCTF (Debts and Federal Tax Credits Statements).
  • Preparation of other ancillary obligations, such as Withholding Income Tax Return (“DIRF”), EFD-Contribuições, Statement on Use of Funds in Foreign Currency From Export ("DEREX"), Statement on Real Estate Activity Information (“DIMOB”).
  • Analysis and composition of federal credits.
  • Preparation of Order for Refunding, Recovery, and Compensation of federal tax.
  • Follow-up on tax situation, maintaining regular Debt Certificate.
  • Follow-up on administrative procedures.
  • Regularization of debts in the sphere of the Federal Revenue Office.

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