Financial management must be increasingly efficient, integrated and analytical, providing important information through accurate and reliable indicators for the management of the business.

DPC's financial outsourcing services assist domestic and foreign companies to become more efficient and strategic in the organization of their accounts payable, ensuring full control over their trades payable and receivable. Thanks to this greater ease and security, our clients can direct their efforts towards their core business activities.

  • Agility
  • Precision
  • High Performance
  • Security
  • Secrecy
  • Efficiency

    DPC's Financial Management is fully integrated with the Accounting and Tax departments, providing accurate information for bookkeeping services of the highest quality.

    The financial outsourcing team at DPC is comprised of seasoned experts specialized in financial management, who work with efficiency, speed and absolute secrecy, always bearing in mind each client's budget policies and responsibilities.

    DPC's financial management services range from managing accounts payable and receivable, cash flows, bank checking accounts and financial investments to the preparation of analytical reports, which are essential in the decision-making process.


    Efficient Cash Flow Management

    For DPC, cash flow management goes far beyond the registration and observation of inflows and outflows of resources sorted by tables. By carrying out micro and macro analyses, we compare each cost center on a monthly basis and assess their overall impacts.

    Check out how DPC's Financial Outsourcing services can help your company:

    • Management of accounts payable and receivable.
    • Bank account reconciliation.
    • Assistance with foreign exchange transactions.
    • Cash flow statements.
    • Opening of checking accounts.

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