Modernization of notarial services introduces changes on several levels

New statute brings Brazil closer to international standards by increasing the efficiency of services provided by notary offices.

Setting up a company in Brazil with foreign partners: aspects to bear in mind

Foreign individuals may have ownership or shares in a Brazilian company, provided they meet local requirements and procedures.

Strategic tax management: best practices help ensure competitiveness

From time to time, companies should reevaluate their tax behavior and look for tax-related opportunities.

Setting up a company in Brazil: steps and points of consideration for foreign investors

An investor’s early decisions impact the tax burden and the profitability of the new business.

Tax offsets and refunds: from tax review to PER/DCOMP

Tax reviewing helps to get tax behavior back on track and provides greater security for procedures requested via PER/DCOMP.

Foreign companies: 7 factors to keep in mind before planning an entry into the Brazilian market

Understanding accounting, tax and labor law environments is pivotal for those who are planning to invest in the country.

Doing Business in Brazil: initiatives contribute to making the country more attractive to investors 

The Brazilian government has been adopting measures aimed at attracting foreign investment.

Remote work: companies must be aware of the new rules 

Find out what changes with MP No. 1,108, which addresses aspects related to remote work.

ECF 2022: start preparing your company with a preventive review

ECF reviews ensure data quality origin, minimizing risks of being issued a deficiency notice and having to file a rectification.

How to optimize personnel management with new technologies

Technology efficiently and safely replaces the bureaucratic processes of routine personnel management.
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