Brazil’s complex legislation requires prior planning and careful assessment when employing foreign workers in the country or when hiring Brazilians abroad, in order to prevent unnecessary risks and costs.

With a long-standing experience in serving foreign companies, DPC’s specialists are ready to assist companies and business executives in their tax planning, which include applying for benefits provided by international tax treaties and ensuring tax compliance.


Application of international agreements

Analysis and adoption of tax and social security treaties to prevent double taxation.

Cross-functional team

Compensation policies implemented in conjunction with the labor outsourcing team, ensuring compliance with Brazilian labor standards (eSocial).

Tax planning

Our case-by-case analysis take into account the way services are provided and amounts are received, while also considering other earnings in Brazil and abroad.

Tax compliance

Assistance to expatriates in the calculation and issuance of tax payment forms, as well as in the preparation of statements due in Brazil.


Highly qualified specialists who are constantly perfecting and upgrading their skills.


Technical excellence

Tax obligations are complied with properly and on time.



Strict security protocols ensure full data confidentiality.

Check out how DPC's Expatriate Consulting services can help you:



  • Consultancy on the applicability of international agreements to prevent double taxation.
  • Planning of compensation policies pursuant to Brazilian labor rules.
  • Tax optimization and assessment of tax obligations, taking into account the way services are provided and amounts are received in Brazil and abroad.
  • Workforce tax planning.

Tax obligations:

  • Income tax returns for non-nationals
  • Filing of statements of Brazilian Capital Abroad (CBE) with the Central Bank of Brazil
  • Definitive Country Exiting Communication and Statement
  • Calculation of taxes on Capital Gains in Foreign Currency
  • Calculation of tax equalization
  • Issuance of payment slips for taxes payable in Brazil

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