Complying with the requirements set by the Federal Revenue Service and the Central Bank is a safe way for individuals to ensure tax and financial compliance. From income tax returns to financial records, DPC offers expertise, exclusivity and security through solutions that prevent potential risks.

We have a dedicated department that understands each individual needs and demands to come up with tailor-made solutions in line with the client’s priorities and current situation.


Global management of tax obligations

Integrated view of all tax obligations, with a detailed monitoring of requirements and deadlines.

Tax efficiency

Assessment of the client's needs and demands to provide support with succession planning and tax optimization.

Offshore accounting and balance sheet

Accounting services pursuant to international standards (IFRS) and preparation of Balance Sheets, which are the basis for the shareholders’ income tax returns.

Assistance to expatriates

Support to foreign nationals in Brazil and to Brazilians abroad on Brazilian tax obligations. Application of international treaties to prevent double taxation.

Technical excellence

Tax obligations are complied with properly and on time.


Full privacy

Technology and policies put in place to ensure full information confidentiality.



A team 100% dedicated to providing the best solutions for our clients.

Check out how DPC's solutions for individuals can help you:

  • Preparation and filing of statements and returns with the Federal Revenue Service (Income Tax, Estate Tax Returns, Country-exiting Statement) and the Central Bank (Brazilian Capital Abroad and Foreign Capital Registration).
  • Calculation of taxes (taxes on capital gains, Estate and Gift Tax – ITCMD, monthly income tax payments – “Carnê-Leão”, etc).
  • Control and assessment of yields and calculation of taxes on variable income transactions (Brazilian stock exchange).
  • Offshore companies - accounting balance and calculations for income tax returns of partners and shareholders.
  • Reports of changes in assets.
  • Tax analysis for repatriation of funds.
  • Tax and social security assistance for expatriates.
  • Calculation of tax equalization.
  • Monitoring of tax notices and administrative proceedings.
  • Consultancy - tax planning for individuals and consulting services.

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