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Domingues e Pinho Contadores has a dedicated tax outsourcing services team highly specialized and with large knowledge in tax laws. Our team is continually updated in relation to the frequent changes demanded by Tax Authorities.

Accurate and reliable information and in compliance

The team holds responsible for tax processing, focusing on tax applied over operations (IPI-Tax on Manufactured Products, PIS - Social Integration Program, COFINS - Contribution for Social Security Financing, ICMS - Tax on Sales and ISS - Tax Over Services, observing the compliance required in the tax legislation applicable to the operations performed by the client in various segments.

In-company or external Tax Outsourcing

DPC Tax Outsourcing is tailored to fit client´s needs, with the option to allocate Professionals at client´s facilities to render services in company.

Following established process and use of technologies and support systems, DPC tax experts register, validate, and analyze data with agility, full control and safety, following well-established processes and using technologies and support systems.

Check how Domingues e Pinho Contadores’ Tax Outsourcing may help your company:

  • Analysis of tax documents.
  • Preparation of Tax Bookkeeping, on the standards applicable to each Company.
  • Preparation and compliance of several tax statements, according to taxpayers’ domicile, such as: EFD-Fiscal, EFD-Contribuições, Information and Calculation Form (“GIA”), Nova-Gia, Statement of Municipal Participation Rates (“DECLAN–IPM”), Statement on Use of Tax Benefits from Taxes on Sales and Services ("DUB-ICMS”), DOT, Simplified Export Declaration ("DSE"), among others.
  • Calculation of tax on operations (IPI, PIS, COFINS, ICMS, and ISS).
  • Tax advice and consulting, and other possible encumbrances, focused on the companies’ daily operations and/or tax planning for new operations/activities, in order to guide on the best practices in line with the current legislation.
  • Preparation of several tax communications before inspection authorities.
  • Tax Review.
  • Support in conducting tax actions.
  • Prepare and follow-uo of process: consulting, special regime, refunding, and compensation.


In the course of a tax inspection, all information and documentation to be delivered to the tax auditor is analyzed in advance, always with respect to ethics, cordiality, discretion and excellence in the services rendered.

DPC team is responsible for meeting the following requirements:

  • Municipal, State and Federal Tax Inspections.
  • Municipal and State consulting (internal and external)
  • Preparation and follow-up of Formal Consultation, Special Regime, Agreement Terms and other communications that may be required by the Tax Authorities.

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