Due Diligence on Accounting, Tax, Labor and Social Security

Concrete and accurate data support for decisions in M&A transactions

Domingues e Pinho has consultants specialized in Due Diligence - Preliminary Operational Diligence - in accounting, tax, labor and social security areas. This service involves the detailed data survey so that the client may have an overview from the company on these areas allowing that the merger and acquisition to be done based on risks previously known.

For the acquiring or incorporating company, Due Diligence on Accounting, Tax, Labor and Social Security is a way to identify in advance if the company to be acquired or incorporated is in compliance with the current legislation, being possible to evaluate the necessary measures and the risks and impacts involved in the operation. Thus, management has concrete data of the real situation of the company, enabling the decision making with greater clarity and security.

Due Diligence may be also contracted by a company aiming to survey information on their own business, to identify problems and shortcomings in its accounting and labor controls in order to correct and prepare the company for new investors or even for a sale process.

Domingues e Pinho has a team of expert in Due Diligence on Accounting Tax, Labor, and Social Security, who frequently works in partnership with renowned law firms.



The security of having accurate and reliable data, raised by experts.



Experts in tax and labor legislation to thoroughly analyze company data.



In accordance with current legislation.

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