Digital Certificates: DPC is now a registration authority for issuance and renewal

Providing its services for both individuals and companies, DPC performs the procedures for issuing and renewing digital certificates all the way through.

Central Bank opens public comment on the regulations of foreign loans and foreign direct investment

Up until September 2, those interested in the aspects under discussion can submit their contributions to improve the regulations.

Federal Revenue Service abolishes Dirf as of 2024

Tax obligation will be replaced by the EFD-Reinf.

Modernization of notarial services introduces changes on several levels

New statute brings Brazil closer to international standards by increasing the efficiency of services provided by notary offices.

Securities Commission publishes new regulatory framework for public offerings

Rules aimed at streamlining capital market transactions come into effect in January 2023.

Setting up a company in Brazil with foreign partners: aspects to bear in mind

Foreign individuals may have ownership or shares in a Brazilian company, provided they meet local requirements and procedures.

Estate and Gift Tax installment plan extended in Rio

Amendment aims to put properties of non-compliant heirs in good order.

Doing business in Brazil: ongoing efforts to attract more investors

The Brazilian government has enacted measures to attract foreign investors.

Concept of “praça” defined for IPI tax calculation

Following the definition of the term, the prices charged in the city of the sender's establishment will be used to determine the IPI tax to be levied.

Statute grants amnesties and cancels fines for late submission of GFIP

These benefits only apply to taxable events that took place until July 8, 2022, the date of publication of the statute.
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