DPC offers a portfolio of solutions to assist your company in human resources management. From staff recruitment and screening, through talent assessment all the way to software development, our services are tailored to the company’s situation, size and profile, and can be hired on a one-off or permanent basis.

You can count on the support of our specialists to ensure strong recruitment strategies, skill-training and talent retention.

    Working integrated with Information Technology and Payroll Departments, our professionals develop and design HR solutions in compliance with the enforceable regulations, always in line with the demands of an ever-shifting market.
    From running diagnostics to monitoring results, our HR team works closely with the client, adopting a systemic approach towards Personnel Management.

    Specialized team

    Professionals with a degree in Psychology and vast HR experience.


    Modern methodologies

    The most advanced tools in HR management.



    Full confidentiality and discretion throughout the process.



    Reports are prepared for each stage of the process.



    Per the General Data Protection Regulation.

    Check out how DPC's HR Management solutions can help your business:

    Recruitment and selection

    Recruitment and selection of workers based on profiles previously discussed with the client, identifying talents that meet the job requirements and are in line with the culture of the company.

    Training and Development

    Needs assessment and development of learning pathways and leadership training programs for in-person or remote implementation.

    Internship Program

    Design and implementation of internship programs, from profile matching and candidate screening, all the way through technical and behavioral skill training.

    Career Pathing and Succession

    Assessment of employees, mapping out key roles and personnel, along with high potentials, focusing on career climbing and development.

    HR Diagnostics

    Assessment of pain points and risk factors that may impact results and talent retention, based on an analysis of past records and specific methodologies. Improvement measures are proposed at the end of the process.

    HR on demand

    Acting as the company representative in operational and strategic activities related to HR subsystems.


    Improvement of experience for new hires, strengthening the employer’s brand while devising onboarding strategies.

    Organization climate and employee engagement

    Assessment of the major pain points and risk factors that may impact work environment, taking into account methodologies for mapping out corporate climate and employee engagement. Based on the results, improvement measures may be ultimately proposed.

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