This solution helps companies comply with their tax obligations in an efficient way to ensure tax optimization.

With a solid understanding of Brazilian laws and regulations, DPC’s experts provide custom tax consulting services tailored to the client’s needs. By performing a case-by-case analysis and assessing the business strategy and context, we offer viable and efficient solutions in compliance with the legislation in force.


Is the company established in the most appropriate country, state or city?


Is the company applying all possible tax breaks and reliefs?


Is every product correctly classified in terms of taxation?


Is the company’s tax scheme of choice reviewed on a regular basis?

DPC's tax consulting department assists companies in complying with the law to avoid excessive tax burden, reducing the risks of contingent tax liabilities.



Professionals specialized in the complex Brazilian tax legislation and the particular rules in place for each business sector.



Compliance with legal standards, preventing sanctions and penalties.


Security and ease

The comfort of counting on efficient tax consulting services.

Check out how DPC's Tax Consulting services can help your business:

    Implementation of new businesses/operations:
  • Tax structuring: tax planning at each government level (federal, state and municipal) aiming at tax optimization and the adoption of best practices in accordance with the enforceable legislation.
  • Price formation for the proper provision of services or sale of goods.

Business operations:
  • Review of the tax scheme most suitable to the company's on-going activities and / or new operations, based on the assessment of the tax regime adopted for the calculation of Corporate Income Tax (IRPJ), Social Contribution on Net Income (CSLL), and contributions to the Social Integration Program (PIS) and Social Security Financing (Cofins), and identification of the best possible tax arrangement.
  • Validation of the tax bases of IRPJ, CSLL, PIS and Cofins, including systems for revenue recognition and assessment of criteria for the deduction of expenses.
  • Assessment of tax credits claimed and permitted in the calculation of PIS and Cofins contributions.
  • Validation of taxation on remittances abroad due to the contracting of services.
  • Identification of foreign operations carried out with related-parties or in tax havens, for the purpose of applying transfer pricing and thin capitalization rules.
  • Analysis and crosschecking of information contained in ancillary obligations filed at the federal level (ECD, ECF, DCTF and EFD Contributions etc).
  • Tax reviewing, with regard to tax calculation and compliance with ancillary obligations, with rectifications performed where appropriate.
  • Preparation and submission of ancillary obligations and amended statements.
  • Compliance with inspections authorities at the local, state and federal levels..
  • Protocolization and application for special tax schemes to request simplification in the fulfillment of ancillary tax obligations.
  • Analysis of tax credits and submission of requests for tax refunds/offsets.
  • Accounting and tax due diligence.
  • Accounting advice on mergers, spin-offs, acquisitions and incorporations.
  • In-company training.
  • Assistance with procedures to apply for tax settlement installment plans.
  • Formal tax queries caried out with government agencies for legislative interpretation purposes.

  • For tax consulting services focused on individuals, click here.

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