Acting preventively to minimize risks

Domingues e Pinho Contadores has multidisciplinary team to provide Labor and Social Security Consulting services aiming to act proactively by reviewing procedures, developing solutions, preparing assessment reports, among other services.

Best practices

The labor and social security consulting team has professionals trained in different areas targeting to provide advice on payroll and social fees (INSS, FGTS, and IRRF taxation), guiding clients about current legislation and orienting them on the best practices and routines with the objective of mitigating labor risks.

Check out how DPC’s Labor and Social Security Consulting
may help your company:

  • Required consulting for the compliance delivery of supporting documents, related to services, of supplier or contractor.
  • Revision of procedures already implemented and developing solutions that add value to the business, analyzing compliance with labor standards, safety, and occupational health.
  • Review of Payroll: inspection of documents and records related to specific periods, matching them with tax paid and information declared. In addition to identifying differences and pointing out solutions, DPC suggests improvements in the administrative practices adopted by the client.
  • Skilled team to attend the labor and social security inspection.
  • Adequacy to eSocial: necessary procedures to companies comply with system standards.
  • Pending social security analysis to issue Tax Clearance Certificates - “CND”.
  • Employment Contract sealed.

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