Protect your company from labor and social security risks and optimize management with solutions that ensure legal compliance and help you assess opportunities.

Domingues e Pinho Contadores has a dedicated and up-to-date cross-functional team that reviews procedures, prepares reports and ensures compliance with the rules, while taking other actions necessary to strengthen your business structure.

Best practices

Our labor and social security consulting department is comprised of professionals experienced in various fields, who assist clients with payroll and social security taxes (INSS, FGTS and IRRF taxes), guiding them through the laws in force, to put in place best practices and routine procedures.

Check out how DPC's Labor and Social Security Consulting can help your company:

  • Payroll review: review of documents and records pertaining to specific periods, checking them against the taxes collected and the information reported. In addition to identifying mismatches and pointing out solutions, DPC suggests improvements in the administrative practices adopted by the client.
  • Ratification of agreements.
  • Compliance with labor and social security inspection.
  • Analysis of pending issues related to social security for the issuance of Debt Clearance Certificates – CND.
  • Preparation of individual or collective compensatory time agreements.
  • Assistance in the analysis of work arrangements.
  • Deployment of personnel management technology (online time and attendance control, digital payroll, vacation management etc.)
  • Assistance with system parameterization.
  • Analysis for recovery of social security credits and rectification of statements.
  • Assistance with expatriate management: analysis of social security treaties signed between countries for reduction of taxes and charges.
  • In-company training about labor and social security regulations and procedures.

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