Business compliance, licensing and digital certificates

The paralegal department provides all the necessary registration documents for setting up businesses, changing corporate structure or dissolving companies to ensure business compliance with government authorities at the local, state or federal levels.

Other services under the responsibility of this department include obtaining and maintaining debt clearance certificates with federal, state or local authorities and assisting in the issuance or renewal of digital certificates.



More speed in setting up companies and in all procedures required to ensure your company’s good standing.



Expert know-how and experience in all legal procedures.


Nationwide coverage

36 correspondents in major Brazilian cities offer the support your company needs.

Business compliance

Debt Certificates

Certificates: acquisition and maintenance of several types for various purposes:

  • Certificates of Overdue Federal Tax Liabilities.
  • Social Security Debit Certificate.
  • FGTS Certificate.
  • State Tax Certificate.
  • Municipal Tax Certificate.
  • Certificate of Ongoing Civil Proceedings.
  • Certificate of Ongoing Criminal Proceedings.
  • Survey and waiver of protests.
  • Certificate of Federal Court Proceedings.
  • Certificate of Labor Court Proceedings.
  • Certificates issued by the Board of Trade and Corporate Registry.
  • Certificates issued by representative councils and others.

Digital Certificates - Issuance or Renewal

Digital Certification:

  • e-CNPJ
  • e-CPF
  • NF-e
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