Understand what changes with the Infralegal Labor Regulatory Framework

Document combines topics of labor legislation and brings some news for labor relationships.

2022 tax planning: how to optimize business in an uncertain scenario?

Companies should focus on 2022 tax planning considering the situation of their business, their results, and projections.

Hybrid work: 5 most frequently asked questions about this model

What does the law say about? What about time and attendance, benefit payment, equipment supply and OSH issues in hybrid work?

Mergers and acquisitions on the rise: the importance of accounting, tax and labor due diligence

When planning mergers and acquisitions, businesses should invest in due diligence for gathering reliable information.

Open Finance: understand how it works and its advantages for companies

Open Finance will bring advantages to companies, which will be able to improve their financial management based on new solutions.

Exclusion of ICMS from PIS/Cofins tax base: clarifications on credit offset and refund

Offset and/or refund of credits from March/2017 to June/2021 can be carried out without a lawsuit.

ECF 2021: Is your company prepared for data cross-checking?

The Brazilian Federal Revenue Office has been demonstrating its inspection capacity, demanding attention from companies in relation to ECF and the cross-checking with other obligations.

Hiring processes must be planned to optimize management and minimize risks

Inefficient hiring process can affect business strategies, in addition to being a gateway to labor risks.

Functional currency: adaptation is a strategic step for the client’s business

Determining the functional currency involves many factors and it must take into account the reality of the company.

Business growth: strategic processes for structuring the company’s new steps

Business growth stage involves planning strategies and solutions that will support this important step
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