Starting a business: strategic decisions impact the business since the foundation phase

Start-up stage involves decisions that must be based on efficient planning.

STF decision on the ISS taxation instead of ICMS for software brings new perspectives for the technology sector

The measure represents a tax reduction and simplification for licensing or rights to use software.

Planning brings benefits and security to implementation of business  

Planning a new business involves decisions that impact competitiveness and operational balance.

Recovery of tax credit: attention to the opportunities to keep the business competitive

Company’s Management should be attentive to the recovery of tax credits. Different types of credits can be recovered, positively affecting the company's financial health.

Obligations of foreigners in Brazil: planning ensures compliance with the rules

When planning the departure to Brazil, the individual must consider a number of tax aspects.

Home-based, in-person or hybrid system: transition between models demands caution


Labor and social security: 2020 overview and attention issues for 2021


Tax planning 2021: what to consider to achieve better results in the next year

Tax planning must consider a series of issues that make the assessment unique for each company.

How to improve the efficiency of financial processes

A BPO - Business Process Outsourcing can be an important support for business to improve efficiency in financial processes by proposing an expert perspective.

Actual Income: implementation, advantages and caution in choosing this taxation method

Actual Income is a model admittedly more complex, which makes many companies avoid it today. In fact, specialized accounting advice is needed to support the implications of this choice.
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