Compensation and restitution of federal taxes: crisis scenario expands search for tax opportunities

At this time, it is also expected that the movement to seek tax opportunities by companies will gain strength.

Teleworking: Understand the new rules for remote work

The coronavirus pandemic has placed companies in the face of the need to suddenly deploy telecommuting or home office. Understand about MP 927 that was issued to promote the easing of labor standards, establish new rules for the relations between employee and employer, including new provisions for teleworking.

Understand how the new INSS table works for the private sector

New Social Security rates have been in effect since March 1, affecting the payroll calculation.

Labor and social security review: companies in compliance and prepared for merger and acquisition processes

Survey evaluates compliance with routine obligations and verifies the existence of labor liabilities when studying the viability of buying and selling companies.

Brazilian Capitals Abroad: obligations of individuals and legal entities to provide information and deadlines to file in 2020

The presentation of CBE is mandatory for individuals or legal entities resident, domiciled in Brazil, who have assets, goods and rights abroad.

The schedule of federal accessory obligations in 2020 requires attention  

Companies of all sizes and segments must start the year in attention to the tax, accounting, labor and social security obligations that fall on their businesses during the new year.

2020 tax planning: your company ready for the challenges of the New Year

A specific plan for your business is the first step to a year of waste-free finance under control in accordance with tax law.

Tax benefits must be on corporate tax planning for 2020  

Tax benefits can have relevant and positive influences on tax planning for the coming year.

Planning is essential for the feasibility of import and export operations

Prior assessment of tax aspects and obligations contributes to the success of transactions.

Oil and gas: attention to tax and accounting schedule must be continuous

Even the expectations not being met, the oil and gas area once again records activity, which should generate new flows and chain activation in producing areas.
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