Tax benefits must be on corporate tax planning for 2020  

Tax benefits can have relevant and positive influences on tax planning for the coming year.

Planning is essential for the feasibility of import and export operations

Prior assessment of tax aspects and obligations contributes to the success of transactions.

Oil and gas: attention to tax and accounting schedule must be continuous

Even the expectations not being met, the oil and gas area once again records activity, which should generate new flows and chain activation in producing areas.

Automation of processes leads to greater agility and reliability to operations

New technologies have been influencing companies' financial and tax management.

Tax Review: Essential Process in Merger and Acquisition Operations

The tax review enables a thorough understanding the business health, integrating the set of items that must be evaluated when mergers and acquisitions are in the plans.

eSocial: obligations remain until the consolidation

The government guides employers remain providing information to the system until the publication of the new simplified layout.

Tax Withholding: points of attention at the business compliance

The companies must be aware of a number of issues that may reflect the misappropriation of taxes.

Provisional Measure (Medida Provisória – MP) of Economic Freedom impacts labor relations

The MP 881/19, also known as MP of Economic Freedom, among other topics, provides for new rules in labor relations, and are highlighted: time clock control, issuance of CTPS and replacement of eSocial.

Social Security Reform: what are the effects to the companies?

The reform was built and conducted so as not to burden the entrepreneur and carries a strong economic bias.

Reforms and simplification measures indicate the resumption of investments in Brazil

Measures open the path to a more favorable economic environment for investors, but long-term policy is fundamental to ensure legal certainty.
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