Financial, Tax and Accounting BPO: 5 outsourcing benefits for companies


Financial, Tax and Accounting BPO: 5 outsourcing benefits for companies

Businesses improve management and increase efficiency by investing in financial, tax and accounting BPO solutions.

By Gloria Cunha

Financial, tax and accounting BPO is a solution that greatly impacts companies' efficiency. Outsourcing these processes improves performance and ensures compliance in these areas, contributing to business optimization.

Maintaining strategic financial, tax, and accounting management is essential, especially in a tight market in which companies are under constant and growing pressure to remain competitive. In this sense, resorting to outsourcing is a wise choice that brings many advantages.

The modality gains even more value when considering the regulatory complexity of Brazil.

What to expect from process outsourcing?

Accounting has been modernized. And in a digital setting, the accountant plays an advisory role to support businesses. Therefore, today, resorting to outsourcing goes far beyond the guarantee of keeping tax and corporate obligations up to date.

When starting service provision, BPO must propose a complete diagnosis to identify occurrences that may be compromising performance and identify opportunities to contribute to clients’ strategies.

Starting from this, a plan must be drawn up to define the work direction and the implementation of practices that will lead to more efficiency for the client.

More than being responsible for the financial, tax, and accounting areas, the company providing BPO services becomes a true partner in the business.

Benefits of BPO for companies

Outsourcing activities brings numerous advantages. Among them, the following stand out:

1. Cost reduction

By opting for financial, tax and accounting outsourcing, the company reduces the costs of maintaining an internal team, physical and administrative structure.

Furthermore, when these services are under the responsibility of experts, the company reduces the risk of not properly complying with tax and corporate obligations.

2. Better results

With outsourcing of activities and support for strategy development, more time is left to address the core business demands, which will lead to better results.

3. Basis for decision making

Accurate and reliable indicators are essential for management and decision making. With financial control and accounting and tax obligations under the provider's responsibility, entrepreneurs start to receive valuable information that they would not be able to notice without specialized support.

4. Risk reduction

Monitoring of legislation and constant technical updating makes is easer to meet deadlines and deliver consistent information, reducing risks related to non-compliance with obligations. In addition, maintaining financial organization provides support and security for the consistent settlement of financial commitments and planning new business steps.

5. Access to the best technological solutions

An advantage of having a specialized and technological company is that it already knows several tools on the market, it will bring already tested solutions and will offer something capable of meeting the specific business demands. This saves the hiring company's costs and time.

Integration adds more advantages

Having a single financial, tax and accounting outsourcing partner brings even more advantages. The integration of these processes in a structured way allows for the joint action of specialists in these areas.

Outsourcing intelligence

With 37 years in the market, DPC employs all its expertise to add value to the companies it advises through its outsourcing solutions.

Our specialists define customized action models for each company, defining actions and intelligent workflows to optimize customer management.

Author: Glória Cunha, partner at Domingues e Pinho Contadores.

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