Capital gain in foreign currency: what individuals should consider

Individuals should consider a series of items that may be important when we deal with capital gain in foreign exchange.

Federal Revenue discloses rules to report the 2021 DIRPF

The reporting period will start on March 1 and it ends on April 30, 2021

Digital payslip: technology increases efficiency to personnel management

The companies are increasingly looking for digital solutions that will help simplify and enhance the efficiency of remote team management.

Offshore company: accounting and tax aspects of this type of investment abroad

The constitution of an offshore company can represent patrimonial, succession and fiscal advantages for the adepts of this investment model.

DPC solution: overcoming challenges for going beyond together

The DPC's multidisciplinary team joins technical sector expertise and broad experience to assist companies in complying with the international accounting standards (IFRS), keeping attention to the operational effects of the rules on business dynamics

DPC promotes webinar for clients on systemic solutions and new platform in personnel management

The initiative is also part of the DPC + digital front, where efforts are directed to bring innovation and technology to customers.

2021 Income Tax Return: a prior organization has many advantages for the taxpayer

For those who want to ensure the reporting of the 2021 Income Tax Return timely and accurate, organization is a must-have.

eSocial 2021: companies must keep their attention to the schedule

The companies should be attentive to the eSocial obligations schedule in 2021.

2021 Minimum Salary

The Provisional Measure 1021 was published providing for the value of the national minimum salary in 2021

Telecom: DPC supports multinational by minimizing tax risks and avoiding relevant penalties

Multinational in the telecom area that provides fiber optic networks in 14 countries relied on DPC's support to achieve tax compliance and maintain competitiveness in a challenging business environment such as Brazil's.
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