Telecom: DPC supports multinational by minimizing tax risks and avoiding relevant penalties

Multinational in the telecom area that provides fiber optic networks in 14 countries relied on DPC's support to achieve tax compliance and maintain competitiveness in a challenging business environment such as Brazil's.

Repatriating funds: taxation on amounts transferred from other countries to Brazil

The funds repatriation procedures should be carefully and properly done to avoid questions from the Brazilian Federal Revenue.

Federal Revenue – New rules for monitoring large taxpayers


Outsourcing benefits management: the advantages of adopting this solution

Specialized support contributes to increased efficiency in benefit management, ensuring greater adhesion to the moment of the business, strategic objectives, and employees' profile.

EFD-Reinf – New Implementation Schedule for Groups 3 and 4


DPC supports 3R Petroleum in M&A and IPO

DPC supporte 3R Petroleum in M&A and IPO preparing the accounting records and balance sheets required for the company's qualification with the CVM.

Deadline for choosing the PGBL deduction in the Income Tax Return is December 30

The deadline to report the statement for the base date of September 30, 2020 is at 6:00 p.m. of December 5, 2020.

Taxation on investments: individuals should analyze the effects of taxes on profitability

Calculation rates and dynamics should be considered when choosing the investment.

DPC participates in Rio Oil & Gas 2020

DPC strengthens its performance and expertise in serving the oil and gas clients by participating in the event.

How are vacations and Christmas Bonus pay for employees who had their employment relationship agreement been suspended?

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