Ordinance addresses the publication and disclosure of balance sheets and other corporate actions of closed companies

Instruction for corporations with annual gross income of up to BRL 78 million exempts publication of actions in official journals.

Donations through Individual Income Tax: find out how to do it and support a good cause

Through encouraged donations made throughout the calendar year, taxpayers can deduct up to 8% of the tax due on the return.

Tax audit: understand why common mistakes can lead to the identification of even more complex problems

Review of certain points in a tax return may lead the Federal Revenue Office to find other mistakes.

Operational efficiency: 5 essential tips for automizing your business

Automation adds more intelligence and efficiency to day-to-day corporate management

Green hydrogen: a promising source for energy transition

DPC's executive team seeks training in green hydrogen to prepare for new energy scenario.

Discover 7 advantages of outsourcing benefits management

Specialized support helps businesses maintain labor compliance and achieve positive results in people management.

FAP 2022 calculation: companies can contest the index and reduce social security costs

FAP impacts the social security contributions, and reviewing the calculation parameters can reduce expenses in the next year

Where does the collection of ITCMD on inheritances and donations abroad stand?

Recent Federal Supreme Court understanding on the non-levy of ITCMD on inheritances and donations from abroad opens a window of tax opportunity.

PGFN reopens deadlines for renegotiation of debts registered as overdue tax liability

PGFN announced the reopening of deadlines for joining the Tax Recovery Program. Taxpayers with debts registered as Federal and FGTS overdue tax liability may join until December 29.

Social Security Professional Profile (PPP) registration is now required electronically via eSocial

PPP must be completed for all workers, regardless of the company's field of activity and exposure to harmful agents.
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