DPC supports Brazil Energy and Power 2019

Brazil Energy and Power highlights the perspectives and opportunities of the Brazilian oil and gas scenario.

Central Bank of Brazil – Installation of New Branches of Financial Institutions Abroad

Central Bank now recognizes as of government interest the installation in the country of new branches of financial institutions domiciled abroad.

Tax on inheritance and donation received from overseas raise doubt to taxpayers

When the inheritance or donation comes from another country, the beneficiary often has doubts.

The Economic Freedom Law affects business registration procedures

Economic Freedom Law aims to reduce bureaucracy and greater legal certainty for entrepreneurs.

CAGED and RAIS will be replaced by eSocial in 2020

The dates and conditions under which the reporting obligations by the employer in the CAGED and RAIS systems will be replaced by the eSocial were presented.

FGTS – Debitment of Contributions Due to FGTS

Establishes rules for installment debit of contributions due to the FGTS and FGTS credit portfolio information presentation model.

DPC participates in intercontinental business meeting in Frankfurt

João Henrique Brum, Director of DPC, was in Frankfurt, Germany, at the annual general meeting of the Intercontinental Grouping of Accountants and Lawyers (IGAL).

Carteira de Trabalho Digital: Understand What Changes

The digital document is previously issued to all Brazilians and foreign citizens registered with the CPF.

OSB-Rio completes two years and elects new members to board of directors and fiscal

DPC supports the institution since its foundation believing in the important contribution of the project to society.

SP – ICMS Tax Debt Installment

Taxpayer with ICMS tax debts may request installment payments up to 12/31/2019 and up to 60 monthly installments.
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