Federal Revenue of Brazil – Digital Service Dossier

Informs the procedures related to the delivery of digital documents of companies succeeded by successor companies to the Federal Revenue.

The future of work: DPC director joins volunteer group to discuss youth opportunities

Luciana Uchôa was one of the representatives selected to join the group and to collaborate, with her experience and market vew, with relevant themes to youth.

Requirements for foreign individual shareholder’s interest in Brazilian companies

In order to be successful in its projects and investments in productive capital, the foreign partner must consider the local rules and standards related to its condition.

Cryptoactive: Taxation of virtual currencies for individuals in Brazil

The measure is applied to companies, individuals and brokers.

Operations with Cryptoactives

Approval of the layout and respective manual of mandatory disclosure of information on operations with cryptoactives to the Federal Revenue


Establishes that for excluding non-taxable areas from the total area of rural property, the taxpayer must submit to the Ibama the Environmental Declaratory Act (ADA).

Best Practices for Business Financial Control

Companies of all sizes and areas should structure their financial management to ensure evolution, business sustainability and market competitiveness.

Companies recipient of foreign investment should be aware of the next DEF deadline

The next deadline is the DEF for the base date of June 30, 2019, which shall be transmitted by September 30, 2019.

Culture Incentive Law – ISS RJ: 5 steps for the companies support a project and strengthen its brand

The law provides that companies can encourage cultural projects, giving them up to 20% of the ISS due to the municipality.

Starting a business: learn the steps and what might change in 2019

Although Brazil has been experiencing improvements in the steps that involve starting a company, this process still has the potential to be more agile and practical.
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