Solidarity and sustainability: DPC supports the “Rodando com Tampinhas” project

It is an action linking bottle’s plastic caps, environmental awareness and solidarity. This is "Rodando com Tampinhas", a project that the teams of DPC hugged with great enthusiasm.

Filing the information on crypto operations begins in August/2019

Federal Revenue of Brazil published the Normative Instruction establishing and disciplining the obligation to provide information on operations performed with cryptoactive, effective from Aug-01-2019.

The government announces eSocial modernization

Under the justification of reducing bureaucracy and stimulating the generation of jobs, the government announced the modernization of eSocial.

Annual Census of Foreign Capital in Brazil to the Central Bank 2019 (base year 2018)

The 2019 Annual Census of Foreign Capital in Brazil - base year 2018 may be submitted as of July 1, whose transmission deadline is August 15, 2019.

Mercosur and European Union seal free trade agreement after 20 years of negotiations

Mercosur and the European Union (EU) sealed a historic free trade agreement between the two blocs, which together represent about 25% of world’s GDP and a consumer market of 780 million people.

DPC was present at the 51st Meeting of GBrasil leading the technological know-how

Under the theme "Inovação” (Innovation, in English), the event ran on May 30 and 31, in Florianópolis, with the presence of representatives of the group.

DPC Director participates in panel on the challenges of the Accounting in an event at Senac RJ

Luciana Uchôa discussed with Samir Nehme, vice-president of CRC-RJ, and Renato Mansur, chairperson of SESCON RJ, questions about the use of technology for operational activities and the importance of having professionals with strategic thinking in the market.

Information of the final beneficiary in the CNPJ – deadline alert and change of rules

The deadline for companies providing information of their final beneficiary in the CNPJ was extended to June 26, 2019

DPC supports a socio-cultural project in São Paulo

The DPC Transforma program expands its performance by supporting music project for public hospitals in the city.

Federal Revenue publishes eSocial video series about EFD-Reinf and DCTFWeb

The Federal Revenue has made available a series of seven video-lessons on the occurrences and errors observed by the eSocial, EFD-Reinf, and DCTFWeb development teams.
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