eSocial: companies should be aware of the communication of temporary leave

<h1>eSocial: companies should be aware of the communication of temporary leave</h1> <br /> <p>The information of work leave, rather, was filed in a number of obligations, […]

Limited Company Registration Manuals

Amends parts of the Limited Liability Company Register Manual, as the quorum for (i) dismissal of socio administrator, named in the articles of amendment, more than half of the capital, unless otherwise provided by contract; and (ii) for exclusion of a partners in company composed of more than two partners, with no need for a meeting or assembly, a member holding more than half of the share capital may exclude a minority partner of the company if he considers that the partner is a risk for the continuity of the company, due to acts of undeniable seriousness.

General IRPF Taxation Rules

Amends the general norms of taxation to social security and collection of contributions related to Individual’s Income Tax, with the general norms of taxation. According to the Federal Revenue, the changes aim to adapt this normative act to the several legislative changes of the RFB Normative Instruction 971/2009 occurred since its last update.

Adjustment of Benefits Paid through the INSS

Publishes the wages-of-contribution table of insured employees, domestic employees and single employees for generating events occurring as of January/2019, readjusts the benefits paid by the National Social Security Institute (INSS) in 3.43%, and establishes the values of the family wage.

E-book on DCTFWeb and EFD-Reinf: understand what changes for companies and important issues

The e-book clarifies how companies should comply with it, restructuring their processes to address the new SPED modules. It also covers the deployment schedule, filing form, the relationship between EFD-Reinf, eSocial and DCTFWeb and the fines and penalties.

DPC extends its support to social and cultural projects

Being engaged in social causes means making a difference in society. The DPC began this year aiming to increasingly being present in the causes in which it believes and involving its employees in the supported projects, strengthening this practice within the company.

Notice of non-occurrence of suspicious operation for companies registered with SUSEP

In December 2018, the current deadlines for reporting non-occurrence of a suspicious transaction (negative statement) by the sectors required by Law 9.613/1998, which provided for crimes of "laundering" or concealment of assets, rights and values as well as the use of the financial system for those illicit acts.

Digital Certification: convenience and security when filing Individual Income Tax 

With the digital certificate, it is possible to make practical and safe the moment of the income tax return.

eSocial – Deadline extension for use of GRF and GRRF on FGTS collection

<h1>eSocial – Deadline extension for use of GRF and GRRF on FGTS collection</h1> <br> <p>The CEF Circular 843/2019, registered on January 30, 2019, brought changes in […]

Definitive Country Exiting Communication x Definitive Country Exiting Statement

<h1>Definitive Country Exiting Communication x Definitive Country Exiting Statement</h1> <br /> <p>Those who already live abroad or plan to make such a change should be aware […]
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