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DPC solutions

  • Accounting bookkeeping, analysis and accounts reconciliation
  • Monthly trial balances and annual financial statements
  • Preparation of ancillary obligations
  • Tailored management reports
Payroll Department
  • Maintenance of employees’ records
  • Preparation of payrollls
  • Preparation of vacation receipts and employment relationship agreements
  • Calculation of social security taxes and fees
  • Preparation of obligations and provision of monthly and annual information to agencies (eSocial, RAIS)
  • Preparation of freelancer’s payroll, christmas Bonus and profits  sharing
  • Portal RH/Meu RH tool: access to personnel data, paychecks and income reports
  • Benefits management
  • Validation of tax documents accuracy 
  • Classification and bookkeeping of operations  in accordance with current legislation
  • Calcution of direct taxes
  • Calcutation of operational taxes and issuance of their payment slips (IPI, PIS, COFINS, ICMS and ISS)
  • Preparation of ancillary obligations
  • Application for tax offsettig/return
Finance Services
  • Management of accounts payable and receivable
  • Assistance in foreign currency transactions
  • Assistance in investing activities
  • Opening of bank accounts
  • Cash flow reports
  • Accounts reconciliation reports
  • Consulting on strategic planning
  • Preparation of annual tax planning
  • Tax structuring for new operations
  • Pricing study for appropriate service rendering or goods sales
  • Tax review concerning tax calculation and  compliance with ancillary obligations, amending them, if required
  • Identification of recoverable tax upon deployment of recovery and/or refund processing
  • Tax recovery and/or refund process
  • Assistance in procedures for tax installment payment
  • Special tax regime preparation and protocol
  • Preparation and protocol of formal tax consultations before tax authorities
  • In-company training
Labor and Social Security Consulting
  • Preventive and corrective work
  • Preparation of domestic workers' eSocial  (public administration electronic system)
  • Preparation of the code of conduct and ethics in accordance with the company and legal policies
  • Analysis for the recovery of social security tax credit, by amending ancillary statements
  • Attendance of labor and social security inspections with face-to-face support at regulatory agencies, such as the current
  • Superintendence of Labor - Ministry of Economy and Federal
  • Revenue Office, or through e-CAC  (onlinel system for taxpayers)
  • Representation in labor claims in all Brazilian states
  • Execution of internal ratifications, at Unions and  Conduct employment relationship agreements approval processes, in-company,  at Unions and at the Ministry of Labor using the online system homologonet
  • Professional training to update, recycle or teach teams concerning labor and social security rules and procedures
  • Review of labor, social security, and income tax calculations, by checking ancillary obligations, such as RAIS, DIRF, GFIP, among others
  • Preparation of collective or individual compensatory time agreements
  • Filing of corporate article of incorporation at the Board of Trade and/or at Legal Registry Notary Office (“RCPJ”)
  • Registration, amendment and cancellation at the regulatory agencies: Federal Revenue OFffice (CNPJ), Social Security (INSS), Caixa Econômica Federal (FGTS), Municipal Finance Department (Municipal Registration / Operating License), State Finance Department (State Registration - Regular and Substitute Taxpayer)
  • Sanitary licensing, according to rules and obligations of each municipality
  • Registration at professional councils, such as: CRC, CRA, CREA, CRM, OAB, Corecon, among others
  • Registration of Service Providers from other Municipalities (CPOM/CEPOM)
  • Obtainment and renewal of digital certificates  in its various kinds
  • Obtainment and regular maintenance of a variety of certificates
  • RADAR system license process: RADAR stands for Registration and Tracking the Performance of Customs Interveners and consists of a mandatory registration for all companies wishing to carry out import or export activities
Bacen (BrazIlian Central Bank)
  • Registration before SISBACEN (Central Bank Information  System in which all financial information from Brazil is cataloged and centralized)
  • RDE-IED (Foreign Direct Investment electronic registration) of contract amendments related to the company's usual operations
  • RDE-ROF (Foreign Financial Operations registration) of foreign currency transactions related to the company's usual operations
  • CBE (Brazilian Capital Abroad is a mandatory declaration for individuals or legal entities resident in Brazil who have assets against non-residents in the total amount equal to or greater than US 100 thousand dollars): record and registration processing
  • Census - Annual and Five-Year Census of Foreign Capital in the Country: record and registration processing
  • DEF - Economic and Financial Statement required for companies receiving foreign direct investment: record and registration processing
  • Assistance to the auditors hired by the client, delivering supporting documentation and additional clarifications concerning the obligations and reports prepared by DPC, as demanded by the auditors.
Assistance and support to inspections at the federal, state, municipal, labor and social security levels and regulatory agencies (Anatel, Aneel, etc.), either through face-to-face service or by digital means indicated by the inspection authority.
Assistance in the Systems Deployment
Technical assistance and validation of parameters and processes in the deployment of accounting, tax, labor and financial modules of ERP systems, including in-company training
  • FMonthly calculation of "carnê-Leão“ (mandatory payment of income tax that is levied on the income of individual who receives from another individual in country, or from abroad)
  • Determination of tax on capital gain (Brazil and other countries)
  • Control, calculation of income and calculation of taxes on operations in variable income (Stock Exchange in Brazil)
  • Preparation of Annual Individual Income Tax Return
  • Preparation of Definitive Country Exit Communication
  • Preparation of Definitive Country Exit Statement
  • Preparation of Deceased Final Assets Statement
  • Preparation of Statement of Brazilian Capital Abroad before the Central Bank of Brazil
  • Donation and inheritance tax calculation
  • Offshore company financial statement preparation Expatriate consulting

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