eSocial: companies can now use web module to report OHS events

Employers and specialized professionals will be able to provide information on Occupational Health and Safety – OHS, both through the eSocial and through their own management softwares.

RAIS must be submitted up to April 29

This year, the submission of the Annual Report on Social Information (RAIS) of the base year 2021 must be done between March 28 and April 29.

Federal Revenue Office expands Income Tax exemption on capital gains with real residential property

Exemption becomes applicable to sales of one real property whose goal is paying up another piece of real property.

PGFN extends deadline for settlement agreements to April 29

Ordinance extends to April 29 the deadline for taking part in the different settlement agreements with PGFN.

Companies are relieved from the obligation to submit PPP to eSocial in 2022

Until the issuance of the electronic PPP is mandatory, as from January 2023, the document is still to be submitted in paper.

Federal Revenue is going to identify professional unfitness of accountants with data exchange between ECD and CFC

The Federal Revenue Special Office stipulates new rules regarding ECD transmission on the topic of accounting professional’s fitness, according to CFC records.

Exemption of payroll is extended to 2023

Law 14,288/2021 establishes the extension of the so-called “payroll exemption” until December 31, 2023, for 17 sectors of the economy.

PGFN extends the deadline for renegotiation of debts registered as overdue tax liability

Through Ordinance PGFN/ME No. 15,059, published on the Federal Official Journal on December 27, PGFN extended the deadline for taking part in the Tax Recovery Program.

São Paulo City Hall raises ISS for sole-professional companies in 2022 and lowers it for some other sectors

In effect, partnerships of lawyers, auditors, accountants, engineers, physicians, psychologists, and other professionals are going to pay more municipal tax in 2022.

Groups 2 and 3 of eSocial must submit OSH events as from January

Employers in eSocial Groups 2 and 3 must report occupational safety and health (OSH) events as of January 10, 2022.
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