Companies receiving foreign investment should attempt to the deadline to submit information to Central Bank

Companies receiving foreign direct investment, as established by Brazil’s Central Bank Circular 3,814 dated 07/12/2016, amended by Circular 3,822, of Jan-20-2017, should pay attention to some obligations, with the service term up to Mar-31-2018.

Labor Reform: Aspects of regulation of home office

Law No. 13467/177 presented the legal concept of telework or home office and brought the conditions for its execution. Such regulation was important for bringing legal certainty, as this modality is increasingly present in the daily work relations.

RFB created new rules for ECD

Federal Revenue of Brazil (RFB) consolidated and amended the legislation dealing with Digital Accounting Bookkeeping (ECD), through Normative Instruction (NI) 1774/2017.

Special and Differential Economic and Tax Monitoring in 2018

The Brazil’s Federal Revenue, through the publication of RFB Ordinance 3.311/2017, established the criteria for indication of legal entities to be submitted to the differential and special economic tax monitoring in 2018.

RFB changes rules on amendment of ECF

Federal Revenue of Brazil (RFB) established new rules to amend the Accounting-Tax Bookkeeping (Escrituração Contábil Fiscal - “ECF”) through the RFB Normative Instruction (NI) 1770/2017, in force as of its publication (Dec-19-2017).

RFB changes rules for refunding, compensation and reimbursement requests

The publication of the Normative Instruction RFB 1,765 on Dec-04-2017 brought changes in the rules on refunding, compensation, repayment, and claims for reimbursement under the Federal Revenue of Brazil (RFB).

Federal Revenue established a new accessory obligation to inform transactions settled in cash

RFB Normative Instruction 1,761/2017 establishes the obligation to file information on settled transactions in cash, totally or partially, from sale or assignment of goods or rights, services, rent or other operations, onerous or gratuitous.

Important issues about 2018 Dirf

The 2017 Withholding Income Tax and the special situations occurred in 2018 (2018 Dirf), established by the Normative Instruction RFB 1,757/2017 and with the layout approved by the Cofis Executive Declaratory Act 72/2017, already needs to be on the individuals and companies radar.

RFB enables filing documents in services requests

The RFB Ordinance 2860, published in the Official Gazette of Oct-27-2017, exempts notarization in a document filed to the Federal Revenue of Brazil (RFB), it would suffice the taxpayer submit the original or certified copy to enable the signature reading back by an public server to whom the document is filed.

Changes on CTe issuance in RJ and SP

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