BEm: program that authorized salary reduction or contract suspension ended on 08/25

Companies that joined BEm must end the working hours and salaray reduction agreements or suspension of employment contracts.

EFD-Reinf: Federal Revenue Office establishes new guidelines for taxpayers

Federal Revenue Office establishes new rules for presenting the Digital Tax Bookkeeping of Withholdings and Other Tax Information (EFD-Reinf).

CEPOM is no longer required in the city of Rio de Janeiro

The Registration of Service Providers from Other Municipalities (Cadastro de Prestadores de Serviços de Outros Municípios - CEPOM) is no longer required in Rio de Janeiro due to the Extraordinary Appeal of the Federal Supreme Court (RE 1167509 of 02/26/2021)

Opinion of the General Counsel for the National Treasury – Elimination of ICMS from PIS and Cofins tax base

The General Counsel for the National Treasury (Procuradoria-Geral da Fazenda Nacional - PGFN) instructs the Brazilian Federal Revenue Office that tax liabilities should not be assessed in opposition to the Federal Supreme Court determination.

Brazilian Federal Revenue Office and National Treasury Attorney-General’s Office (PGFN) sign a public notice acceding to the agreement of tax litigation transaction

The agreement allows debts to be paid at a discount of up to 50%.

International Maritime Labor Convention takes effect

Brazil became a member of the Maritime Labor Convention (MLC), an International Labor Organization Convention.

STF finishes the trial concerning the exclusion of ICMS from PIS/Cofins

The Federal Supreme Court (Supremo Tribunal Federal - “STF”), in a historic decision, has sustained on this Thursday (May 13) the interpretation that the ICMS may not be included in the calculation basis of PIS/Cofins

Legislation determines the distancing of pregnant employees from face-to-face work

The Law 14.151 determining the distancing of pregnant women from face-to-face work during the validity of the public health emergency situation due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Deadline extension: Rais can be reported until April 30

The Special Secretariat for Social Security and Labor has extended the reporting period of the Annual Social Information List (Relação Anual de Informações Sociais - Rais) base year 2020.

Covid-19: Technical Note clarifies about the occupational health and safety measures

The Technical Note provides additional guidance to employers concerning the risk of contamination by coronavirus at the work environment.
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