Rio de Janeiro City Hall: the tax debitment for companies in judicial reorganization is regulated

The Decree 46,486/2019 provide for the incentive program for the settlement of tax credits of debtors in bankruptcy or in judicial reorganization.

Changes of mandatory publication rules of public limited companies brought by MP 892 were disciplined

The purpose was to make the rules for publication of documents provided for in Article 289 of the Brazilian Corporate Law more flexible.

RJ amends the standard on the Livro de Reclamações in establishments

Establishments in the state of Rio de Janeiro should make complaints books available to consumers.

General Data Protection Act is regulated

The data sharing policy of the federal public administration is established.

Rio de Janeiro: Installment of tax debts for companies in judicial reorganization

The Law allows the installment of tax debts for business companies, individual entrepreneurs and individual limited liability companies that are in judicial recovery.

São Paulo: Regulation of the “Nos Conformes” Program

State of São Paulo regulated the "Nos Conformes" program, which deals with ICMS.

DCTFWeb: The beginning of filing for group 3 is postponed

The Normative Instruction 1,906 changed the beginning of the obligation to file the DCTFWeb for taxpayers in group 3 for a date to be established in a specific normative instruction.

MP ends publication of company balance sheet in newspapers

The MP 892 allows the disclosing of mandatory publications of the Corporations only at the Brazilian Securities Commission (CVM) websites and the market manager entity in which the company's securities are to be trading.

SEFAZ-SP advances in GIA Elimination Project

SEFAZ-SP included more taxpayers to the GIA Elimination Project.

eSocial: Extension of GRF and GRRF use deadline

The use of the GRF (FGTS Payment Slip) and GRRF (FGTS Payment Slip for Terminations) was extended for all eSocial groups for an indefinite period.
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