DCTFWeb: a link between eSocial and EFD-Reinf

The DCTFWeb (Statement of Debits and Credits Federal Social Security Tax and Other Entities and Funds) is the new RFB feature intended to replace the FGTS Payment Slip and Information to Social Security - GFIP.

eSocial: new phase is mandatory for companies with revenues up to BRL 78 million, except micro, small and MEI

Observing the difficulties faced by large companies with eSocial may support the overcoming of the new employers’ group main challenges.

Schedule of tax obligations for the second half-year still reserves some news

After a first half-year with many tax obligations, news and adjustments, it is time to prepare to meet the schedule for the second six-month’s period. The period promises to be busy due to new phases and Sped modules deadlines, in addition, of course, to the fulfillment of other obligations that already monthly accompany the companies.

2018 ECF: attention to the innovations and penalties

The filing period for the Accounting-Tax Bookkeeping (ECF), for 2017 calendar year, is coming up and companies need to be aware of the instructions in the Guidance Book, which deals with the special situations of 2018.

Important issues in opening foreign companies in Brazil

Starting a business in Brazil may be an arduous task, especially if the head of the company is not familiar with the applicable legislation, which often brings headaches for natives and aliens.

BEPS requires companies to adapt to the international tax scenario

In times of new business models and digital economy, BEPS proposes a fifteen-package measure to check gaps and international standards incompatibilities, to prevent companies from finding loopholes to pay fewer taxes and transfer profits to low taxation territories and few economic activities.

EFD-Reinf: Important issues in adaptation to the system

The Tax Digital Bookkeeping and Other Tax Information (EFD-Reinf) is a module of the Public Digital Bookkeeping System (Sped), complementary to the System for Tax, Social Security, and Labor Obligations Digital Bookkeeping (eSocial), already in force.

Financial outsourcing helps in accounts control and supports business financial management

The performance of any business is directly related to financial management, which must be increasingly efficient and generate accurate and reliable indicators that can serve as the basis for a global and strategic assessment of the company’s moment. Managing accounts payable and receivable, monitoring cash flow, bank accounts, and investments are key tools to maintain a responsible management.

Deadline for mandatory accounts approval at annual shareholders meeting or Ordinary General Meeting is approaching

Once the fiscal year ended on December 31 of each year for most limited companies and joint stock companies, it is important to note that the legislation in force imposes annual accounts approval.

eSocial: expectations for the second deployment phase

Since March 1, the second phase of eSocial deployment has been in progress for companies with gross revenues greater than BRL 78 million, which are required to file non-recurring events data, corresponding to turnovers or changes in employee’s life at the company (hiring, leaves and terminations).
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