Companies should take care of tax planning for 2018

This year will bring new issues for companies. Given this scenario, it will be necessary to monitor taxes and other obligations correctly, so that the company does not suffer an increase in the tax burden or do not take the of tax credits advantage to which it would be entitled.

Key aspects of labor reform and the influences on eSocial

The new labor law is being considered as the biggest change ever in the Consolidated Labor Laws (Consolidação das Leis Trabalhistas - “CLT”). The doubts are still great among employers and workers, and some aspects will become clearer over time as a result of the new procedures and new case law by Labor Court.

Prepare your company for the compulsory filing of EFD-Reinf from 2018

EFD-Reinf and eSocial: both are accessory obligations that taxpayer should meet in 2018, which require great attention to deploy, and will have a great impact on the companies' routines.

Choosing the best tax regime for your business in 2018

Therefore, all companies are required to annually establish the tax system that will be considered in calculation and in taxes payment, where the three existing types are mentioned: Actual Profit, Presumed Profit, and Simples Nacional.

Important aspects in tax area in 2018

Tracking tax changes in Brazil is often a challenge for entrepreneurs, given the complexity of our standards and their successive changes. In order to keep a guidance of the issues that will be highlighted in 2018, and to assist companies in their routines, we compiled the following list.

Attention that companies should have when hiring expatriates


Adjustment to eSocial: steps for a secure transition


SIT changes “Programa de Alimentação do Trabalhador” inspection standard


Companies should start adapting to eSocial as soon as possible


Complementary Law No. 160 brings changes in validation of State tax benefits

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