João Henrique Brum: DPC director retires and receives honor from colleagues

João Henrique Brum was a talent developed at DPC, where he made a career for 33 years.

ANP – Decommissioning of oil and natural gas exploration and production facilities

Deals with the decommissioning of oil and natural gas exploration and production facilities, including the land area under contract in the bidding process, the sale and reversal of assets, the fulfillment of remaining obligations, the return of the area, among other points.

Federal Government institutes the Emergency Employment Support Program

The program is planned to entrepreneurs, business companies and cooperative societies.

Federal Revenue extends deadlines for delivery of Final Declaration of Assets and Country Exit Final Declaration

Deadline for submission of declarations has been extended to June 30.

Virtual Taxpayer Service Center – e-CAC

Insert more services served via Chat RFB.

Federal Revenue extends the deadlines for submission of the DCTF and EFD-Contributions

Normative Instruction extends the deadline for filing the DCTF and the EFD-Contributions.

Extension of payment of Employer Social Security Contribution, PIS / PASEP and Cofins

Check the table with the new deadlines. 

Provisional Measure no. 931: new deadline for ordinary general meetings

This is yet another standard with measures to respond to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

DREI – Issuance and Use of Certificates in Acts of Transfer of Headquarters, Opening, Alteration and Registration of Transfer of Branches

Provides, among other measures, on the issuance of certificates by commercial boards.

Emergency Employment and Income Maintenance Program Created

Provisional Measure (MP) no. 936 established complementary labor measures to deal with the state of public calamity and the public health emergency of international importance resulting from the coronavirus.
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