Federal Government – Differential Treatment for Consortia Formed by Micro and Small Companies

Extend the differential treatment to consortia formed by micro and small companies in the public procurement of goods, services and works.

Doing Business in Brazil: DPC contributes with the Britcham’s guide to the Brazilian business environment

British Chamber publication is directed to foreign executives and entrepreneurs who intend to invest in the Brazilian market.

Coronavirus: action adopted by DPC

Measures has been adopting in order to ensure the health and well-being of employees, clients and partners, as well as the continuity of the services provided by the company.

Women who inspire: DPC promotes Conversation Round for International Women’s Day

Women shared experiences and points of view during the meeting.

Income Tax and Brazilian Capital Abroad: DPC’s event clarifies doubts about the individual’s tax obligations

The editions of the event highlighted important points in the IRPF and CBE reports, in addition to addressing good practices for offshore companies.

CAGED – Declaration of the General Register of Employed and Unemployed

Makes it mandatory to use a valid digital certificate for the transmission of CAGED by all establishments that have 10 or more workers.

Federal Revenue discloses rules to file the 2020 Individual’s Income Tax Return

The period to file will be from March 02 until Apr-30-2020.

DPC contributes to the Doing Business 2021, prepared by World Bank

For the 9th consecutive year, DPC collaborates with information to compose the World Bank report.

DPC supports edition of the book “Gol de Letrinhas”, publication of Fundação Gol de Letra

Publication is the annual result of a project by the Fundação Gol de Letra, an institution supported by the DPC.

Social Security: New values for INSS contribution table in 2020

It was published the table of contribution salaries of the insured employee, domestic employee and individual worker.
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