DPC hosts meeting of the NBCC Human Resources Committee

Every two months, the group addresses a new issue related to the daily routine of people management and discusses changes that impact the area.

Statement of Economic Freedom Rights

Decree No 10.219, of Jan-30-2020 provides for the criteria and procedures for the classification of economic activity risk and for the setting of deadlines for tacit approval.

CVM – Statement of Economic Freedom Rights

CVM Resolution clarifies the position of the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) for the purpose of applying the Economic Freedom Law.

PGFN – FGTS and National Treasury Debtor List

PGFN Ordinance No 636, of Jan-09-2020 authorizes the disclosure of the list of individuals or legal entities that have debts with the National Treasury or FGTS.

2020 accessory obligations schedule

The federal tax schedule is comprehensive and leaves no doubt that organization is critical to ensure full compliance with all requirements.

RFB – Rules for Special and Differential Economic and Tax Monitoring in 2020

The Federal Revenue established the criteria for indication of legal entities and individuals to be submitted to the differential and special economic tax monitoring in 2020.

Offshore: Balance sheet supports provision of information to the IRPF report

Taxpayers can submit appeals, information and documents in order to settle the pending issues.

Financial Activities Control Council (Coaf)

It results from the conversion of Provisional Measure 893/2019, restructuring the Financial Activities Control Council.

Green and Yellow Employment Relationship Agreement

Establishes that the provisions in Article 9 and 12 of the Provisional Measure 905/2019, which, among other measures, establishes the Green and Yellow Employment Relationship Agreement.

DREI – Registration Booklet

It revokes the DREI Normative Instruction 67/2019, which amended the Public Limited Company Registration Manual, in view of the changes introduced in Law 6,404/1976, by the Provisional Measure 892/2019, which lost its effectiveness.
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