Municipality of Rio de Janeiro: changes in ISS tax withholding

The accrual month is now the month following the service provision, regardless of when the payment was made to providers.

ECD 2022: definition, due date, requirements and news

Deadline for submitting the ECD 2002 may be pushed back this year and companies must keep an eye out for changes.

New rules in effect for hiring women, young apprentices and parents of preschoolers

Companies must be aware of changes affecting hiring and work routines.

Foreign investment: companies must submit quarterly DEF statement by June 30

Companies receiving foreign direct investment with assets or net worth equal to or greater than BRL 250 million must submit their Economic-Financial Statement (Declaração Econômico-Financeira - DEF) to the Central Bank every three months.

Quarterly CBE statement must be submitted to the Central Bank by June 6

This is a requirement that applies to individuals and legal entities residing in the country that held assets overseas amounting to USD 100 million, or the corresponding amount in other currencies.

New decree expands reduction of IPI rates to 35%

The decree comes into force on May 1st.

Foreign direct investment in Brazil: how it works and recommendations   

The country offers great opportunities, but investors must be aware of local requirements and regulations.

Online time and attendance: main pros and implementation

It is possible to monitor time and attendance in an intelligent way, combining speed and reliability with modernity and compliance.

Meal allowance: understand the new rules in managing this benefit

Provisional Measure No 1,108 has brought changes that need to be implemented by employers and companies that provide meal allowances for workers

eSocial: companies can now use web module to report OHS events

Employers and specialized professionals will be able to provide information on Occupational Health and Safety – OHS, both through the eSocial and through their own management softwares.
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