Decree established that IOF on foreign exchange will be reduced to zero up to 2029

IOF tax rate’s reduction will take place gradually.

Pregnant women must go back to work at the office

Return to working at the office in person is conditioned to the complete protection against Covid-19.

The federal government cuts the IPI tax rate in up to 25%

Through the Presidential Decree No. 10,979/2022, the federal government determined a cut on IPI for several items.

Income Tax 2022: Federal Revenue Office discloses rules for the declaration

Taxpayers will have between March 7 and April 29 to file their declaration of income to the Federal Revenue Office.

DPCWEB: DPC develops portal to enhance customer experience

Technological solution developed internally by DPC increases speed and efficiency on the client’s daily activities.

Economic-Financial Statement (DEF): first submission of the year must be done until 03/31

Companies that receive direct foreign investments and possess assets or equity equal to or greater than BRL 250 million have the quarterly DEF submission.

Tax compensation and restitution: what it is, eligibility and possibilities

Recovering unduly paid values by tax compensation and restitution is a way to increase the business financial capacity.

Offshore: 5 questions about accounting, taxation, and IRPF report

Offshore investors must pay attention to the accounting and tax-related obligations pertaining this investment modality.

Members’ and shareholders’ meetings must be held until 04/29

The accounts must be approved in the annual members’ or shareholders’ meeting.

DIRF, DMED, DIMOB and e-Financeira: Federal Revenue Office resets submission deadline to 02/28

The Federal Revenue Office reset the submission deadline for DIRF, DMED, DIMOB and e-Financeira.
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