Digital payslip: technology increases efficiency to personnel management

The companies are increasingly looking for digital solutions that will help simplify and enhance the efficiency of remote team management.


Digital payslip: technology increases efficiency to personnel management

In times when work relationships are gaining new contours, with the home-based work and new ways of managing teams, giving employees greater autonomy to manage their own information is a practice that has been gaining space.

In this sense, the companies are increasingly looking for digital solutions that will, additionally, help simplify and enhance the efficiency of remote team management.

An example is the digital payslip, which brings agility to everyday life. This is one of the features of a platform made available by DPC to clients. Light and easy to use, this tool allows access to several Personnel Department routines directly in the browser or application, ensuring mobility .

The use of the app for mobiles gives employees the convenience of accessing their information from wherever they are, while leaders holds a managerial view of the teams in the palm of their hands.

For Ana Virgínia Salgado, special advisor for Human Resources at Pré-Sal Petróleo (PPSA), during the first month of use, gains with the deployment of the digital payslip could already be noticed.

She assesses that, given the context of the pandemic, the resource has been a facilitator, as in the home-based system, it is not possible for everyone to have access to the physical document.

“The online payslip has optimized the payment and document information for the employee, as everyone has access to the receipt at the payment date. This was not always possible with the printed document, since we have professionals not working in Rio de Janeiro”, she highlighted.

This tool enables the access to the payslip on any day and anytime, through the computer or app, as soon as the payment is processed. The employee may consult all the receipts for the year and, at a choice, download a pdf file of each document.

This process also contributes to the optimization of the personnel department tasks, releasing the team from the task of handing in payslips.

Domingues e Pinho Contadores was hired through electronic bidding to process the payroll and issue PPSA salary statements. The deployment of the system that makes the digital payslip available and the guidance for this operation were also part of the scope.

Information security

The use of online payslips has an advantage over the printed model: the employee data security. In digital environment, only the manager and the employee access the functionality through passwords, in addition to using the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate, which is used to protect information of users who browse their website, preventing them from being intercepted, captured or viewed during data transfer to the server hosting the application.

The printed payslip, in turn, ends up being more improperly exposed to third parties.

Online payslip: what the legislation states

Is the substitution of a printed payslip delivered upon the employee signature of a receipt by the digital version permitted? Brazilian law does not specifically address this issue.

The Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT) has the following wording:

    "Article 464: The salary payment must be made upon a receipt, signed by the employee; in the case of being illiterate, by means of the fingerprint, or, if this is not possible, at the request.

    Sole paragraph. The proof of deposit in a bank account, opened for that purpose in behalf of each employee, upon the employee's consent, at a credit establishment close to the workplace, shall be deemed equivalent to a receipt. (Paragraph included by Law No. 9,528, dated 12.10.1997) ”.

Thus, when payment of the worker's salary is made through bank deposit, a proof of this transaction as a receipt is sufficient, and the employee's signature is not required as additional proof of receipt.

However, it is recommended that the form of presenting the payslip should be agreed between employer and employee. It is also necessary to analyze whether the collective agreement of the category brings any particularity on the topic.

Other features to optimize management

Through the DPC + digital initiative, Domingues e Pinho Contadores has directed efforts to bring innovation and technology to clients, contributing to making business more agile and efficient.

On the same purpose, other features offered by the browser or app are: electronic time recording by geolocation, vacation applications through the system, profile and history of the employee in the company organized in a digital environment. All of this provides the manager an overview of the team, enhancing dynamism to the task execution, while employees also have easy access to processes and information of their interest.

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