Adjustment, registration, consulting and training: a complete operations solution for compliance at SISCOSERV

Siscoserv is a Federal Government computerized system to control and monitor international services and intangible operations, held between persons/companies domiciled in Brazil with persons/companies domiciled overseas. It acts as a monitoring tool of the federal level for compliance of the companies registered transactions and taxes obligations.

Domingues e Pinho Contadores advises companies on the types of operations and forms of registration in SISCOSERV, with the detailed analysis of the service to be registered. DPC applies the adequacy to the Brazilian Nomenclature of Services (Nomenclatura Brasileira de Serviços - “NBS”); and proceeds with the record of operations before SISCOSERV in accordance with the guidelines ruled by the General Agreement on Services Trade (Acordo Geral sobre Comércio de Serviços - “GATS”) of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

In addition, DPC provides in-company training to its clients on processes and best practices that companies should adopt to meet the legislation requirements.



Respect to the deadlines in the accomplishment of the obligations of SISCOSERV.



SISCOSERV experts ready to meet the needs of your company.



In accordance with regulatory rules, avoiding penalties.

Check how Domingues e Pinho Contadores’ SISCOSERV services may help your company:

  • Analysis and identification of Foreign Trade operations and adjustment to the Brazilian Nomenclature of Services (NBS).
  • Register at SISCOSERV of the transactions carried out between residents in Brazil and overseas.
  • SISCOSERV Consult and Advice concerning transactions and registration forms.
  • Training, including in-company training, on SISCOSERV rules.

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